A party at the forefront of best governance practices, financing and integrity

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Carrying out politics honestly requires a structure that is not cumbersome. The party will assume the expenses necessary for its proper operation by keeping bureaucracy to a minimum. Outside election periods, the party will rely mainly on the volunteer work of its members and supporters.

Maintenance of absolute transparency with respect to financing

  • The party will propose that the municipality of Gatineau be subject to the Quebec Election Act which provides that all donations of $100 and more go through the office of the Directeur général des élections before being submitted to the party.
  • The amount and the name of donors will be published on the party’s website as soon as the donation has been entered in the accounts.
  • The cost of a ticket for a fund raising activity will not exceed $100.
  • No elected official may accept a gift, whatever its value, unless the gift is of a protocol or symbolic nature.
  • Elected officials shall not commit public funds for partisan purposes.

Acceptance of democratic responsibilities

  • There will be nomination meetings for all aspiring candidates of the party when an election is called, whether the candidate is an incumbent or not.
  • Each year, the party will hold a meeting of its members to report on the activities of the elected officials and of the party for the previous year and to discuss directions for the coming year.
  • The party supports the principle of double candidacy in order that the party leader will have the possibility of sitting on the municipal council in case of defeat in the election for mayor.
  • The leader will be elected by a vote of all the members.
  • The party will accept members who are residents of Gatineau, have filled an application and paid their membership fee.
  • All residents of Gatineau who wish to do so, may register on a permanent list of people interested in participating in the political activities of the party (conferences, debates, consultations), without any obligation of becoming a member of the party. Partisan activities, obviously, will be open only to members.
  • The party candidates must adhere to the major outlines of the program.
  • However, the party will adopt a charter for dissidence which will provide a framework for the right of the party’s elected officials to express potential disagreement on the means by which to implement the major policies of the party and on issues which are not part of the program.

Information and consultation

  • The candidates and the elected officials of the party recognize their duty to disseminate the most relevant information possible in order to promote the participation of residents in the democratic life of the City.
  • The party will institute the mechanisms necessary for consultation and permanent discussion between the party’s elected officials and its members.