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In our desire to encourage citizen participation of the members of our English speaking community, we provide some content in English. The content of pages or documents not available in English will appear in French.


Action Gatineau is a municipal political party. Its foundation dates back to June 16, 2012. It aims to bring together citizens and elected local representatives who share a common vision of what the City of Gatineau should be. The party seeks to contribute to the debate about policies that have an impact on citizens and businesses in Gatineau and to propose innovative solutions to address issues relating to municipal affairs.

Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin is the leader of the party. He is currently serving his second term as mayor of Gatineau. With Donald Roy, the president of the party, and nine other members of Action Gatineau (among which two elected municipal representatives), they form the Executive Committee.

Currently, seven elected Action Gatineau members sit on Gatineau’s City Council: Renée Amyot (Limbour), Maude Marquis-Bissonnette (du Plateau), Martin Lajeunesse (Buckingham), Isabelle N. Miron (L’Orée-du-Parc), Myriam Nadeau (Pointe-Gatineau), Cédric Tessier (Hull-Wright) and the mayor, Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin.

The party is financed by contributions made by Gatineau residents. As of May 1, 2018, Action Gatineau could count on the support of 2119 members.