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Why should you become a member of Action Gatineau? For one thing, to be heard when it is time to make decisions regarding the party’s political orientations and also to bring proposals forward when taking part in one of the party’s committees or in the party’s convention. You may also simply wish to stay informed of events organized by or of actions taken by the party or its supporters.


Your membership card.

Once you have registered to become a member and paid a nominal fee of $5, your name is automatically added to our membership list. From then on, you can be an active participant in all our activities. We do not send out actual membership cards, but should you wish to obtain a physical card, we invite you to write to to request a card. One will be mailed out to you.

When does my membership to Action Gatineau terminate?

Your membership to Action Gatineau is a lifelong membership. There is no need to renew it every year. However, if you can afford it, we hope you will consider making a financial contribution to the party. To do so, please click on the following link Make a donation.

We do understand that views and opinions may change over time. Should you no longer wish to be a recognized member of Action Gatineau, please advise us in writing by sending an email to or a letter at our mailing address which appears below.