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A receipt will be issued to the contributor.

Please note, in Québec the Act respecting elections and referendums in municipalities (LERM) limits the amount a person can contribute to a political party to $100. However, in an election year, an additional contribution no greater than $100 is permitted (section 431).

(An online donation requires a credit card. Should you wish to write a cheque, we invite you to get in touch with one of our solicitors whose names appear hereafter.)

List of authorized solicitors

For all districts
Mr François Soucy,, 819-968-0817

Districts in Aylmer and Hull
Mr Jean Bernier,, 819-931-0869

Districts in Gatineau and Buckingham
Mr Donald Roy,, 819-790-1335

You can also get in touch with your elected councillor of Action Gatineau

District 4 – Du Plateau
Maude Marquis-Bissonnette,, 819-968-7251
(or Alexandre Séguin,, 819-740-0576)

District 6 – L’Orée-du-Parc
Isabelle N. Miron,, 819-500-2152

District 8 – Hull – Wright
Cédric Tessier,, 819-431-1796

District 9 – Limbour
Renée Amyot,, 819-593-3673

District 11 – Pointe-Gatineau
Myriam Nadeau,, 819-930-4332

District 18 – Buckingham
Martin Lajeunesse,, 819-775-0141

What is the actual cost of my contribution?

The following table illustrates with examples the actual cost of your contribution when you claim a tax credit.

Contribution Tax Credit
Actual Cost
$20 $17.00 $3.00
$25 $21.25 $3.75
$35 $29.75 $5.25
$50 $42.50 $7.50
$60 $50.00 $10.00
$75 $61.25 $13.75
$90 $72.50 $17.50
$100 $80.00 $20.00

Since May 2011, the aforementioned act requires that the family name, first name, postal code and city of every person who has made a contribution, regardless of the amount, to an authorized political entity be disclosed on the party’s website. This is a link to the list of donors to the party of Action Gatineau.

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