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Actions to promote equity and reduce inequalities

At the end of the day’s debate on social and community development among the mayoral candidates, Action Gatineau candidate and leader Maude Marquis-Bissonnette unveiled several of her commitments on housing, …

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Action Gatineau presents its financial framework

The leader of Action Gatineau and candidate for mayor, Maude Marquis-Bissonnette, unveiled our financial framework for the November 7 election this morning. By insisting on the importance of quantifying her …

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Climate framework – Action Gatineau

Action Gatineau presented its climate framework today, a first for a political party. This framework evaluated the greenhouse gas emissions of Action Gatineau’s platform and is meant to be an …

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Platform 2021 – Action Gatineau

Click on the image to view the program, or follow this link.

Enlightened brilliant youth are a source of hope for the future

When I met with the mayor, the day following my election, to talk about my interests, I spoke to him about citizen participation. The low voter turnout for the municipal …

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Do you sometimes feel as though your voice is not heard, that perhaps your views do not carry much weight in the city’s decision-making process? In that regard, the creation …

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Members of Action Gatineau from the electoral districts of Limbour, Touraine, Pointe-Gatineau, Carrefour-de-l’Hôpital, du Versant, Bellevue, Lac-Beauchamp and Rivière-Blanche met on June 6, 2018, in general assembly, to establish the …

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