Councillor district of Buckingham

In 2013, I was elected city councillor for Buckingham with 73% of the votes. I am proud to represent the district where I live and where I grew up. I am an active businessman in my community and co-owner of the LaLa Bistro, which has become a real institution in Buckingham since its opening in 1994. In addition to the responsibilities that lie on the shoulders of a city councillor, I am a member of the Executive Committee and of the Capital and Budget Committee, of the Gatineau and the Health Commissions and of the COBALI Committee for the watershed of the Du Lièvre River. The mayor has also mandated me to represent our city on the Smart Cities Commission of the UMQ, the Quebec Union of Municipalities.

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Tel.: 819 595-7110


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Actively support initiatives that bring citizens together.

  • Continue to hold neighbourhood meetings (in both languages) in order to adequately represent the needs and concerns of citizens;
  • Continue to support neighbourhood organizations to foster the development of citizen initiatives;
  • Work to simplify citizen accessibility to city services through new technologies.


Ensure that motorists and pedestrians can move about the district safely.

  • Continue actions to reduce speed on certain targeted streets through the installation of traffic control devices;
  • Work towards a more strategic management approach with the objective of improving snow removal and street and sidewalk maintenance;
  • Enhance the effectiveness of communications between the citizens and the city for street repairs through a geolocation system with mobile devices.


Improve transport links.

  • Ensure the completion of a multifunctional pathway project on the west bank of the du Lièvre River;
  • Work to improve bus services to better respond to the needs of the citizens living in the eastern part of the district;
  • Support the ongoing process for a bus service loop servicing the sector of Buckingham, Masson and Angers.


Find means for everyone to enjoy a high quality of life.

  • Make our neighbourhoods more vibrant by encouraging and supporting local shops and services;
  • Support cultural projects that reflect the characteristics of our neighbourhoods;
  • Support active living projects for seniors;
  • Encourage ongoing collaboration between the eastern sectors;
  • Undertake actions to create a dog park.


Keep in communication with the business community.

  • Collaborate with the business association to help it succeed in its mission;
  • Support and promote the real estate development of the sector.