Councillor district of Pointe-Gatineau

Before being elected as the councillor for Pointe-Gatineau in 2013, I worked as an analyst in the federal public service. I had established a reputation for getting things right and delivering results. Now I enlist my knack for organisation and taking initiatives to put them at the service of my fellow citizens. I organized a public consultation for the refurbishing of Gréber Boulevard. I brought about a change in the law so as to grant parental leave to elected officials. As chair of the Permanent Commission on Housing, I lobbied successfully so that the provincial bill on the autonomy of cities would promote the inclusion of affordable housing in the development projects of the private sector.

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  • Organize neighborhood networks for mutual aid, notably to identify the precise help that is needed in emergency situations.
  • Take measures to make people aware in each neighborhood of the dangers of speeding.
  • Propose, by organizing exploratory walks, the changes that could produce greater security at problem intersections, as for example the Boulevard de la Cité at the angle of Lamarche and of la Savane near rue des Anciens.


  • Set up an animated water fountain in the Le Coteau park.
  • Collaborate with the schools so as to effect the greening of school-parks.
  • Promote the establishment of parks that are a meeting-place and that appeal to all generations (for example, urban gardens, exercise equipment, pickleball courts, etc.).


  • Link Village Tecumseh to the bicycle path that parallels the Tecumseh golf course.
  • Give priority to upgrading lanes that encourage active self-transportation (e.g., the lane between Miron and Louis-Riel.
  • Work with the schools on plans that would encourage school children to get about by walking and by cycling.


  • Engage the storekeepers on Gréber Boulevard and also the citizens to find ways to beautify the area. They will also be invited to propose changes in zoning laws that would favor a greater diversity of commercial establishments.
  • Favor measures apt to reduce the level of noise in the urban environment and to re-evaluate existing noise by-laws.
  • Encourage multiple businesses to share parking space.


  • Develop, in concert with the citizens and organisations that partner with the municipality, a plan for the better exploitation of Parc de la Baie. The plan should take into consideration what is possible given the current state of the park, but it should also evaluate what changes to the park would be necessary in order to carry out future projects.
  • Develop an activity plan for the social development of Jacques-Cartier Street, both east and west, so as to realize its potential for tourism and for recreation.
  • Develop a plan for taking care of the waterfront so as to limit erosion.