Councillor district of Limbour

I have lived in the district of Limbour since 1993. I’ve spent most of my career working as an administrator in health care. I have also been a member of the association of the residents of Limbour and I have sat as a member of the United Way Outaouais executive committee.


In my professional career, I have been at the helm of major projects always aiming to improve the life conditions of those that will likely be touched by them. I now feel privileged to serve the residents of Limbour by actively participating in the realization of concrete projects, which contribute to the positive development of the district.


Among my political functions

  • President of the Commission Gatineau, Ville en santé, which encourages adopting healthy lifestyles
  • Member of the city’s Executive Committee
  • Member of the RFAQ, the network for Québec businesswomen
  • Member of the city’s Strategic Planning Committee

Contact information:

Tel.: 819 595-7110


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