Time on your hands?

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Now that Action Gatineau has adopted a program and elected a party leader, we are
concentrating on the elections next November. Do you wish to bring about changes to
Gatineau? Getting involved with Action Gatineau is the best way to do it!

Our volunteers are people like you. They are teachers, students, workers, retirees, who all
wish to make the City of Gatineau even more lively, even more dynamic.

Send your name, likes, and contact information to Mrs. Claude Legault at benevoles@actiongatineau.org

With the upcoming elections, we will need volunteers in the following fields:

Media research
We would like to come up with a team of around fifteen volunteers with a good knowledge of Internet and media research, and who will be doing research to support the future electoral platform, i.e. figuring out the cost of electoral promises, finding economic/administrative studies or articles supporting Action Gatineau’s guidelines. Are you interested? If such is the case, send us your contact information and we will get in touch with you.

Electoral campaign coming up in November
If Action Gatineau’s program suits you and you wish to get involved in the electoral campaign, please look at the task list needed during the campaign. Please send us your contact information (name, telephone number, full address, email address), giving out your likes, and it will be our pleasure to get in touch with you when the time comes. Thank you for your cooperation.