2017 Election


Candidate | District 15 - Lac-Beauchamp

Who is
Aurèle Desjardins?

Graduate in business administration at the Quebec University of Outaouais, I was born and always lived in the district.  From 1999 to 2009, I was the district’ municipal councilor, member of the executive branch, President of the long term financial planning and budget committee, as well as acting mayor.  I am very involved in the community, as member of many boards of directors (Campus 3, Chevaliers de Colomb, Loisirs, sportOutaouais, Re-Source Intégration). 


My function as Director General of the Papineau Iocal development center and of the CADO have given me the opportunity to develop an economic and community-based expertise.  I hope to serve you again and insure that the district will be well represented in the City Council.


Contact information:

Tel.: 819 921-5655

Email: aurele.desjardins@actiongatineau.org

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 Aylmer needs better public transit. To answer this need, we must choose an innovative solution.


To make Gatineau an even better city,

To improve the quality of life of families, seniors and the young. 



Improve the commercial offer to meet the needs of residents.

  • Complete the development of Notre-Dame street from one end to the other
  • Prioritize the municipal infrastructures on Main street
  • Support the stakeholders in the implementation of the integrated urban renewal program of the Old Gatineau sector


  • Beauchamp Lake
    • Lake preservation
    • Improve access to the park
    • Identification of interpretive trails
  • Improve the users’ security in Sanscartier park
  • Insure proper maintenance of the parks’ equipment


  • Register the infrastructures (water and sewer) in the city’s three-year plan of investment
  • Submit a program for the replacement of sidewalks


  • Of the market place
  • Of the district’s industrial park (integrate companies that will create employment)
  • Of the Kitchissippi Marina corporation of Gatineau (greet tourists that come in by boat)
  • Of the tourism and recreation projects that would include accommodation
  • Improve the commercial offer in the district


  • Create an offer of affordable lodging for families
  • Insure the sustainability of the residential renovation program


  • Support the development of the Rapibus up to Lorrain boulevard
  • Work to improve the bicycle lanes
  • Improve the parking spaces near the existing and future Rapibus stations


  • Renovate and use the surplus buildings
  • John Luck building, 280, Maloney Boulevard E (Ancient City Hall of Gatineau sector)
  • Old firehouse on St. René boulevard, next to the park (maximize the use of the park’s infrastructures)


  • Create a welfare committee that will determine the interventions necessary to secure certain spaces
  • Secure the pedestrian crossings on the Maloney corridor
  • Install a multi-usage way on Maloney boulevard, between Labrosse and Lorrain boulevards
  • Ensure that the street lighting is functional
  • Make sure the snow removal of sidewalks and intersections is appropriate (pedestrian’s security)
  • Maintain and develop measures of speed reduction