2017 Election


Candidate | District 5 - Manoir-des-Trembles-Val-Tétreau

Who is
Mélisa Ferreira?

I was born in Gatineau. For the past five years, I’ve been living in the sector Manoir-des-Trembles with my husband. This is where we’re raising our twin boys. I began my career in the non-profit sector with the ROHSCO, a community social housing organization in Gatineau, and went on to be, between 2011 and 2015, the Community Relations Officer for Nycole Turmel, the former MP for Hull-Aylmer. My experience has led me to gain a solid understanding of poverty and homelessness issues that affect the residents of our city. I have also received words of support from Greg Fergus, the current federal MP for the region, for my work with the population and community groups and organizations. I believe I have the skills and the ability to represent my district well and to make a positive difference in people’s lives and in our neighbourhoods.

Contact information:

Tel.: 819 712-0715

Email: melisa.ferreira@actiongatineau.org

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 Aylmer needs better public transit. To answer this need, we must choose an innovative solution.


To make Gatineau an even better city,

To improve the quality of life of families, seniors and the young. 



Building a sound and safe environment where it is pleasant to live.

  • Promote the development of multigenerational parks.
  • Improve snow removal from our roads and sidewalks.
  • Make the UQO a place of knowledge closely connected to the community.
  • Ensure sound public finance management through efficient utilization of municipal taxes without a reduction in services to residents.
  • Preserve day camps so families have access to an affordable and high-quality service.
  • Work towards establishing an agreement with the Centre sportif de l’Université du Québec en Outaouais in order to provide accessible physical activity programs to citizens of the Hull sector.


Support revitalisation projects.

  • Take advantage of the reconstruction of St-Joseph Boulevard to make this important urban thoroughfare more attractive and dynamic while planning for safe bike lanes and pedestrian sidewalks.
  • Revitalize the Val-Tétreau sector by supporting and fostering the development of neighbourhood businesses and services.


Improve, by different means, security in our neighbourhoods.

  • Put measures into place to reduce speed on our residential streets.
  • Facilitate safe walking and biking routes for students to and from school.
  • Install flexible speed reduction bollards (vertical posts).


Encourage citizens to have a say in the decisions that affect them.

  • Collaborate closely with neighbourhood associations and consult them about decisions that will affect their area
  • Foster active citizen participation in the decision-making process
  • Encourage the participation of young people by engaging them in discussions
  • Support the Moore Farm, Gatineau’s urban ecology and agriculture centre


Make it easier for citizens to get around.

  • Promote biking, walking and public transportation and improve existing public transportation services.
  • Further develop the bicycle network across existing infrastructure and ensure that pedestrian walkways are secure and accessible (free of snow, well lit, maintained, etc.).