2017 Election


Candidate | District 7 - Parc-de-la-Montagne-Saint-Raymond

Who is
Yolaine Ruel?

All my life, I’ve worked at decreasing social and economic inequalities by creating opportunities for reflexion and collaboration in order to build an inclusive and a healthy community.


I moved to Hull in 1987 and spent most of my career at the University of Ottawa’s Human Rights Office working as a Policy Consultant in Accessibility. Since 2016, I’ve continued my association with the RAPHO, a group representing associations for people of the Outaouais living with disabilities, and with the user’s committee of the rehabilitation centre ‘La RessourSe’. I also sit on the City of Gatineau’s Universal Accessibility Committee.

Contact information:

Tel.: 819-664-3222

Email: yolaine.ruel@actiongatineau.org

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 Aylmer needs better public transit. To answer this need, we must choose an innovative solution.


To make Gatineau an even better city,

To improve the quality of life of families, seniors and the young. 



Encourage citizens, by various means, to have a say in the decisions that affect them.

• Enable all citizens of the district to express themselves further on decisions that affect them.
• Ensure representation of all citizens on different boards and committees and involve them in consultation processes and in city initiatives.
• Develop and support community projects such as a youth centres, collective kitchen groups, urban agriculture, street games.
• Work closely with neighbourhood associations.


Put measures in place so everyone can feel safe in their neighbourhood.

• Introduce speed reducing measures such as bollards, curb extensions, speed warning signs, etc.
• Sensitize citizens to pedestrian safety. For example, reminders for keeping sidewalks and walkways clear of branches, trees, trash cans, recycling and compost bins, cars, bicycles, etc.
• Improve snow removal and road and sidewalk maintenance operations.
• Establish a work calendar for road and curb repairs.


Create accessible public spaces that are supportive and nurturing and where everyone can feel they are a part of a community.

• Setup gardens of edible plants accessible to all.
• Make services, installations, communications, transportation, businesses, public events, etc. accessible to all.
• Create a dog park and give the owners of the dogs the responsibility of managing it.


Find ways to improve personal and public transportation.

• Create secure connecting routes to existing cycling networks and improve the condition of existing bicycle paths and lanes.
• Improve the public transit system: STO schedules and routes, availability and adaptability of adapted transportation.


Find ways to accommodate the needs of the residents by bringing into proximity needed services and businesses.

• Encourage and support local businesses that operate within neighbourhoods as well as local services offered to residents.
• Enable micro-entrepreneurs to conduct their business from their home, for example: artisanal chocolate maker, personal care giver, ready meals chef, etc.
• Involve the residents with the process of choosing businesses on St-Joseph Boulevard to bring prosperity to the district.
• Transform the site of the ‘Domaine Scott-Fairview’, 100 Gamelin St., into the most beautiful urban park of Gatineau.

District 7


Located on the flank of a mountain, the district Parc-de-la-montagne-St-Raymond is visually distinct due to the many escarpments along which houses were built. The district is densely populated with a large number of apartment buildings. Figures show that among all the districts, Parc-de-la-montagne-St-Raymond has the highest rate of public transportation usage in the city.

In the area, we find a lot of social housing units, many of which have seen better days. The area also houses 14% of the city’s apartments considered to be “too small”. The median household income is among the lowest in the city, and 30% of the residents spend more than 30% of their income on housing. Adequate and affordable housing is undeniably an important issue for this district.