Councillor district of Hull-Wright

As my first term as municipal counsellor comes to an end, my goal is to win a second mandate, this time to represent Hull-Wright, the district where I live. I plan to devote myself to the issues that resonate strongly within the district: the social and economic revitalization of downtown, culture, sustainable development and the issue of homelessness.


My priorities for the district are aligned with the unified, overall vision of Mayor Pedneaud-Jobin’s team. My program was developed based on the ideas and the needs of the citizens from the various neighbourhoods in Hull-Wright whom I have met during the past year.

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Tel.: 819 595-7110

Email: tessier.cedric@gatineau.ca

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Breathe new life into the neighbourhoods and enliven the landscape.

St-Joseph Boulevard

  • Take advantage of the planned infrastructure repairs to make the boulevard more attractive and to encourage sustainable transportation.

Densification by attracting more families

  • Reverse the current downward trend in the number of families living in Hull-Wright neighbourhoods.

Respect the PPU

  • Defend the PPU, the Special Urban Planning Program, to develop downtown.
  • Develop a regulatory mechanism for future changes that includes a mandatory public consultation as a first step.

Protect built heritage

  • Protect heritage neighbourhoods and buildings.

Cultural projects

  • Create cultural projects that contribute to transform and develop the downtown area; ensure that these projects reflect the priorities of the community.

Parking meters

  • Develop a new system to manage street parking by replacing the current parking meters with pay-and-display units that can be loaded via a mobile application.

Tax surface parking in the downtown

  • Impose a tax on surface parking in the downtown in order to encourage land owners to develop their lots.


Make it easier for citizens to move around.

  • Enlarge the utilitarian bicycle network, using existing paths as a starting point.
  • Ensure that pedestrian paths are pleasant, safe and usable (easy to navigate, well lit, cleared of snow, etc.).  


Find ways to bring the community together.

Unity of effort to combat homelessness

  • Develop a tool to divert cases affecting homeless people away from municipal court, similar to the IMPAC Project used by the Municipal Court in Québec City.

Guertin arena site

  • Redevelop the Guertin arena site, in particular, commit to a provision of affordable housing.

Grocery store

  • Retain the funds put aside for the cooperative grocery store project on the Île-de-Hull.