Councillor district of Plateau

As a self-employed entrepreneur, I have done consulting work in the areas of public administration and policy for the past five years, and held teaching and research positions. I hold a Master’s degree in Public Administration and Urban Management from the École nationale d’administration publique (ÉNAP) and am currently pursuing doctoral studies in Public Policy at Carleton University. I have always been very involved in my community, and currently am a Board member of the Association des femmes immigrantes de l’Outaouais (AFIO). I am also the proud mother of my young son.

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Promote active transportation

  • Include a cycling path and sidewalks on the portion of Pink Road which is to be widened;
  • Improve the cycling path network and connect existing paths;
  • Increase safety of active transportation (walking, cycling) for pedestrians and school children, especially near schools. This can be done by adding sidewalks, pedestrian crossings and speed reduction measures;
  • Ensure that more sidewalks and cycling paths are plowed in winter.

Significantly improve public transit

  • Increase the number of busses serving citizens of the Plateau;
  • Work with other levels of government and the STO to bring a light rail train to the western part of the city, including a North-South connection to the Plateau;
  • Improve safety and cleanliness of bus shelters in order to make public transit more inviting.

Increase services to families in the plateau

  • Make sure that the future library in the Plateau offers services that correspond to the needs of all citizens by working with the library’s Citizen Consultative Committee;
  • Ensure that the second phase of the Plateau’s Central Park is built, including the soccer field and the tennis courts;
  • Work towards bringing the new Hull-Aylmer three or four rink community arena to the Plateau;
  • Examine the feasibility of building a public pool in the Plateau.

Neighbourhood appropriation

  • Organize a public consultation as early as winter 2018 on the design of the commercial megacenter in the Plateau. Among other things, I would like to favor active transportation infrastructures and limit heat islands;
  • Install temporary uses on underused and vacant lots such as urban agriculture and public, community-building uses in the neighbourhood;
  • Work closely with citizens to develop and design neighbourhoods, notably by developing public consultation tools.

Take part in the Plateau’s Urban Village success

  • Work with the developers of the future Urban Village to develop projects that favour the development of an attractive and stimulating neighbourhood;
  • Favour local businesses in the Urban Village and on the main streets of the neighbourhood;
  • Work to bring a weekly farmer’s market to the Urban Village.