Aylmer needs better public transit.


To answer this need, we must choose an innovative solution. We must choose a solution that not only reduces time spent in traffic, but that also encourages citizens to leave their car at home and take public transit. We also need a system that connects seamlessly with Ottawa’s, where many of us go each day to work. We need an ecological and efficient system. 


For Team Pedneaud-Jobin Action Gatineau, light rail transit is the solution 

  • It would be possible to get from Old Aylmer to downtown Ottawa within 20-25 minutes.
  • Federal and provincial funding is available for this type of electric, silent, non-polluting, rapid, comfortable and reliable infrastructure. There is no better time to develop such an ambitious project.
  • The light rail train would connect with the O-Train in Ottawa. It would also run in a separated lane, which would make it independent of traffic.
  • Light rail structures economic and social development around its route. Rail would generate investments to help revitalize rue Principale and Des Cèdres park, as well as help support businesses in downtown Aylmer.
  • Light rail is less expensive to maintain and to operate than busses.
  • Light rail can transport many more passengers than busses and can also transport bikes, strollers and people with reduced mobility.
  • Light rail along rue Principale and Aylmer Road would free busses and bus drivers to improve bus service within neighbourhoods.  

We support light rail and will work with the City of Gatineau and the STO to develop a proposal for light rail in Aylmer. In order to take advantage of the funding that is currently available at the federal level, City Council must make a decision in the early months of 2018. 

Team Pedneaud-Jobin Action Gatineau is the only municipal team that supports light rail as the solution to transport needs in Aylmer and Hull. If we want to move ahead with this innovative solution, we will need councillors on City Council who agree with this project. 

Until then, we must continue to invest in the current bus service in order to improve the frequency and the efficiency of public transit. 

On November 5th, vote for the candidates with Team Pedneaud-Jobin Action Gatineau for a light rail train in Aylmer!

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